Almelo, green city

The region of Twente is known as one of the greenest regions in the Netherlands where you can truly relax and enjoy nature. Almelo is the perfect place to discover the great scenery, and we are not just saying that because Almelo is the greenest city in the province of Overijssel. Taking off from the city centre, you will be surrounded by nature within minutes - whether you take a walk or head out for a bike ride.

Green Nobility

The Gravenallee is a three-kilometer long lane that runs past castle Huize Almelo towards the city centre. The Gravenallee is flanked along its entire length by big trees, with a large forest area and adjoining farmlands just outside of the city. The Gravenallee is part of the Huize Almelo estate, which is intertwined with Almelo and maintained by the Rechteren Limpurg family.

Award-winning parks

Almelo owes its green environment in part to its spacious city parks. Every neighborhood has its own hospitable and environmental-friendly park, four of which have received a Green Flag Award in the past. This prestigious British award is awarded to parks that preserve old landscape elements as much as possible.

The parks with a Green Flag Award are the Goossenmaatspark, the Schelfhorstpark, the the Beeklustpark, and the Dorpspark in Bornerbroek.