'Friends of Nature' holiday home in Krikkenhaar

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Krikkenhaar 11, 7627PA Bornerbroek

'Friends of Nature' holiday home in Krikkenhaar

A Nivon holiday home offers you a pleasant but simplistic stay in the green nature of Krikkenhaar, which is located between the wings of wooded banks and ash trees in Twente. We offer our guests a private bedroom with shared use of a kitchen, dining room, and sanitary facilities: a great combination of privacy and cosiness!

Each holiday home has its own character, but are all run in a very Nivion-type fashion. With help from the quests, dedicated Nivon volunteers manage the accommodation to ensure a pleasant stay.

The 'Friends of Nature' holiday home is built on a sheltered sand ridge adjacent to a 4-hectare forest. You can relax in the sunny conservatory and in the intimate common room. The sleeping wing has 50 beds and is also suitable for wheelchair users. There is also a room perfect for large groups.

Outside is a playground with a sandpit, volleyball court, campfire area and barbecue grill. The house contains information about the nature and culture of Twente for you to read up on. Next to the house, you will find a tractor field and two other holiday homes.

'Friends of Nature' holiday home in Krikkenhaar, Bornerbroek